Sunday, February 8, 2009

are you in love?

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~When you are together with him you pretend to ignore him. But when he is not around you, you start to look out for him.

~Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh, your mind and attention will be focusing on him.

~Although he was suppose to call you a long time ago to let you know he back home safely, your phone is quiet. Then, you realize that you are in panic while waiting.

~You will look for him in a group photo to find out who he standing beside first, before you actually look at yourself in the photo.

~You have to hook out your telephone line for your busy study, but you cannot do it for one call from him.

~If you get excited over one short e-mail from him than many long e-mails from others, you are in love with him

~When you will find that you can't bear to erase his only message he left in your answering machine message from him, you are in love!

~You keep telling yourself "He is just a friend,"but you realize that you can't help avoiding the special attraction from him.

~While you are reading this article..if someone appears in your are deeply in love with him

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