Friday, March 20, 2009

a very tough weekdays

Hasil perahan otak Nliana pada 4:22 PM again after da long tyme jugak aku x membebel kat my cute blog nie...actually i faced a very tough week dis week...a lots of things to do...i need to complete my differential equation's tutorial, having my mid sem test on financial management

cite pasal mid sem test fm...what a tough questions...50 questions to be done in 1 and half pnye ssh gak soklan dia...mcm nk gugur usus menjawabnye(poyo je kamoo ni)...

tp yg paling best dis week ialah my result of my mid sem test on subject principles of insurance and risk management...i got ehem2...and on top gak la...syukur...quite terkejot gak sbb there are 100 questions to be done in 1 and half hours and aku jawab pon ntah ape2...but alhamdulilah la...i got it...dis is simply becoz...i love dis subject very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Noor Liana Johari said...

salah r
principle of insurance n takaful la
malas nk edit balik

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