Wednesday, April 15, 2009

final exam semester 2 sesi akademik 2008/2009

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salam...hye all...starting from tomorrow,i'll be entering stadium tertutup nilai once again to sit for my final exam for semester 2 academic session 2008/2009

my schedule:

  1. creative thinking and problem solving-15 april-9 am
  2. fiqh ibadat wa munakahat-21 april-9 am
  3. computational techniques in mathematics(mathematica)-22 april-2.30 pm
  4. principles of life insurance and takaful-24 april-9 am
  5. differential equation-27 april-2.30 pm
  6. theory of hibah and compound interest-28 april-2.30 pm
  7. financial management-4 may-2.30 pm

ma'a taufiq wannajah

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