Sunday, July 12, 2009

mcm2 ado

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salam semuanya...this week is my 1st week for this 5th sem right...lots of things happened...

my 1st class started with risk theory by mr former tutor 4 insurance n now becomes a lecturer...he said that this subject is a mix of our previous subjects...looks like easy but we'll see later...

followed by research this class we already have our own research topics n mine is private universities...oh my!!!!i really dont know what to do...and we have to attach at least 5 journals...mne nk cekau ni???

then a very difficult subject for a very difficult course in the world and it's "life contingencies"...and it's also a mix subjects like calculus,probabilty,statistics and of course i really have to understand well in class...i really mad at a guy ni...very slumber jerk dia said sumthing to me..."stakat dia ni,x pandang la"...perghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!so kurang ajar this far i think that i dont have any problem with him disbbkan my class ngan dia mmg x sme...then who is he to say like that to me???"klo stakat ko la mr ****....stgh dr sblh mata pon aku x pandang la!!!!!!!!!!!ko ingat ko 2 bgs sgt ke???"

i would like to remind people yg x knl me better...if u be nice with me,i can be more than that to u but if u do or said something bad to me,i can do more than u do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then class investment and portfolio analysis...again with madam norlida...when she asked questions,i feel like i dont know anything sedangkan da blaja pon sem more thing...i really need to fall in love with anything that related to this subjects...things like bursa saham,main board,second board,maney market,and etc

then lastly masa class halaqah...according to the schedule our class started at 8 pm...i was fasting at that day so it took a little bit of time nk siap g class...i managed to get ready at 7.45 pm and i started langkahkan kaki to the bus...nak dijadikan a story,bas tu plak jalan lmbt....dah la lmbt...bley plak that driver berhenti kat byk tmpat...

  1. nilai square
  2. jati
  3. acacia
  4. guard house
  5. pavilion a.k.a pusat sukan
  6. hep
  7. lastly pkp

lastly we managed to reach our class at 8.30 pm...and our tutor which is en azizi dah pon masok...huhu...he was our former ustaz during our arabic languange support programme...dia bley plak perli kitorang ngan using these two phrases..."jalan kaki" that night,kitorang yg arrived late mmg kne perli kaw2...

smpi sini je kot...dah start mls nk menaip...daaaaaaaaaa

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