Friday, March 26, 2010

selalu mengalah

Hasil perahan otak Nliana pada 1:16 AM

i dun want dis to be happened

Jelaskan padaku isi hatimu
Seberapa besar kau yakin padaku
Untuk tetap bisa bertahan denganku
Menjaga cinta ini

Pertengkaran yang terjadi
Seperti semua salahku

Mengapa slalu aku yang mengalah

Tak pernahkah kau berfikir sedikit tentang hatiku

Mengapa ku yang harus slalu mengalah

Pantaskah hatiku masih bisa bersamamu

this is one of my favorite songs ever...actually it had been a long time since i did not listen to this song...what make me suddenly remember this is song is because this is along's caller ringtone...i really hope that he will open my blog and will read you know dear...i dedicated this song to you...i just don't know what to do with all these...really hope that you can consider a bit about me,about my feeling

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