Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last Exam in USIM...I Hope So

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Tomorrow at 8.30am will be my last day taking exams in USIM...Hopefully the last exam since I don't want to repeat the subjects...Never and ever!!!

Right now I can still updating my blog happily...OMG!!!That's me!!I am not the type of girl that can study hours and straight...That's not me okay people...I hate the silence...Really hate that...Why?Because some people need a very peaceful condition to concentrate but me, I really love when there's a sound...Which means while I was studying, I can listen to music, I can listen to movie (just listening not watching) and anything that make a sound...What a weird person right but everyone has their own style...

I am kind of nervous thinking of my exams since my carry marks for the subjects taken were not very good...While the others, their carry marks were SUPERB!!!!Guess what???I bet all of you know why right but not all of them, just few only...I can smile looking at my carry marks since I know that I've been sincerely answered all the tests without looking at the notes and books...I knew that few of them looked at notes and books during tests so no wonder right?So, I just hoping that my final exams can cover the carry marks...I just want the best result ever like the previous semester...Amin...Do pray for me people

[Tomorrow-Stochastic Processes-Stadium Tertutup Nilai-8.30 am-3 hours]

Wish me luck!!!

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