Friday, February 10, 2012

The Most Thing That I Regret In My Life

Hasil perahan otak Nliana pada 8:01 PM

Panjang kan tajuk dia?
Itu tajuk public speaking aku petang tadi
My mentor; Mr Loghan cakap buat tajuk yang very close to the heart, yang senang nak that's it
This is the same story when i was punished masa lambat masuk training dulu
Masa tengah cerita tu memang bercucuran air mata MySpace
Sampai orang lain pun menangis jugak, sedih la maksudnya

This is what I did this evening....

Regret; I believe that all of us have this kind of feeling, even once in our entire life. Back when I was a kid, I lived with my grandparents and that's make me very close to them. So, what had happened between me and them really makes me feel regret up until today.

In 2001, my grandfather passed away. Actually, I'm very interested in photography even I was 13 years old at that time. So, one day he saw me took some pictures of the flowers. He then said, "it's better if you take my picture rather than those flowers, dear". I just said to myself that I'll take his picture later without realizing that it was my last roll because those days we don't have digital cameras, right?After quite a some time, he passed away without I had a chance to take pictures together with him.

The following year, my grandmother passed away. She's very healthy all the time and we never thought that she can get stroke. It happened on the fasting month. So, normally after I've finished my sahur, I'll be beside her everyday. On the day she passed away, I was very lazy to wake up and I just want to continue sleeping and only in the morning I realized that she had passed away.

What happened to me is so called unfinished business that I don't even have a chance to settle it. Even I regret it so much, I can't turn back the time. As a lesson, I'll try to fulfill my parents' wishes and be by their side as much as I can.

Thank you.

I've overcome my fear of delivering a speech and I can control my emotion. I didn't believe that I can do that.

Bak kata Mr Loghan; it's too late to regret MySpace

Please, try to appreciate those who appreciate you so much before you loss them~MySpace

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